How we are different...

... EURY – PACK System s.r.o. primarily differs from the competition in that

  • it serially produces special and atypical wood pallets, which are integrated into special packaging suitable for packaging and transport worldwide (HT heat treatment per the FAO ISPM 15:2009 phytosanitary standard);
  • it serially produces pallet collars (pallet superstructures and adjustable pallet extensions) with emphasis on a high quality of processing, which is appreciated by every demanding customer;
  • it serially produces complex wooden packaging components intended for packaging irregularly shaped (automotive and machine) products;
  • it can deliver complex packaging solution made of wood and wood-based materials combined with other packaging materials, primarily corrugated cardboard, foam materials and plastic materials;
  • it has its own timber drying kiln, which is suitable for use in heat treatment of wood packaging material per the requirements of the FAO ISPM 15:2009 phytosanitary standard.