“An investment in your future¨

Project nameFlexibility and universality in package production - Technical equipment modernisation and expansion
BeneficiaryEURY - PACK System s.r.o.
Project start07/2015
Project completion12/2015
Project sitePrsa 120 / Lucenec District / Banska Bystrica Region
Operational programmeCompetitiveness and Economic Growth
Priority axisPriority axis 1 - Innovation and growth of competitiveness
Measure1.1 - Innovations and technology transfers
Call codeKaHR-111DM-1301
Grant amountEUR 199 999,80
Project objectiveIncrease the competitiveness and innovation potential of EURY - PACK System s.r.o.
Outcome after completion of project activitiesCompletion of the project will create an innovative production program at the company and an increase in its innovation activities, which will be positively expressed in growth in added value and sales and an overall increase in the company's competitiveness. In addition to increasing product quality and thereby customer satisfaction, innovative equipment will reduce operating costs and increase work efficiency. The new technology delivered by a top-of-the-line cylindrical punching machine will secure the company’s competitiveness in the near future.