About us


EURY– PACK System s.r.o. has been on the wood packaging market since 2007. The company has more than 15 years of experience in producing wood packaging.

Satisfied customers in the multinational segment appreciate:
- the diversity of our portfolio of wood-based products,
- and a flexible approach to the individual needs of every single customer.

Company headquarters are in the city of Filakovo, 15 km from Lucenec, in the southern section of central Slovakia.

Production activities are completed at a single plant:

The Buzitka-Prsa plant (at the former agricultural vocational school sitebetween the towns of Buzitka and Prsa measuring ~7.0 ha) is located 15 km from Lucenec, in the southern section of central Slovakia. Our facility is focused on the entire production process with facilities for significant expansion of storage and production capacities.

The primary material processed at EURY – PACK System s.r.o. is wood (specifically spruce boards) and other unfinished products made primarily of wood, plywood, OSB boards and DTD boards.

We can deliver demanding packaging solutions using wood combined with other packaging materials, primarily with corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is the connecting bond to our other company, KARTEX-VL, s.r.o., which produced corrugated cardboard packaging. We are able to fully respond to the needs of our customers thanks to the symbiosis of these two companies active in the packaging industry.

Warehouses / Storage Space

Storage space is maintained at 2 sites:
The "Buzitka-Prsa" site (with available storage space of around 2,000 m2) with the ability to significantly expand storage capacities.
The "Maly Krtis" site (with available storage of around 800 m2) used for just-in-time (JiT) deliveries to an existing customer.